June 14, 2012

Snow White and The Huntsman

I've joined the bandwagon and I went ahead and watched Snow White and The Huntsman. I've read several reactions towards the films and most of them were positive. I remember seeing Ben Lyons' tweet how good the movie was, and I read a couple of reviews about it.

I didn't want to see the movie at first for several reasons. First, I'm not a very big fan of Snow White, but the darkness of this particular story did interest me. Second, I;m also not a very big fan of Kristen Stewart so I wasn't sure if I would be able to enjoy it. Not to take anything away from her, because I think she's a good actress despite the claims of her just having one emotion. I just wasn't a huge fan - I liked her in Adventureland but that was about it. Third, I wasn't sure just how exactly the story would work out because I got a feeling that it would be overly romantic, and extremely cheesy that it would lose the essence of it being a twisted take on the Snow White story. These were just my initial thoughts on the movie.

I can now say that I am guilty of judging this movie too early. I actually quite enjoyed this one despite my initial worries. I didn't find it as good as the other people said, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.

I actually like Kristen Stewart more now after watching SWATH. She can actually be a badass. Although at the beginning, I was a little disappointed since I expected this Snow White to be strong and feisty, but she was nothing more than a damsel in distress. There was an evolution, though, from that damsel, to a soldier ready to fight back. I don't think I'd be watching the Twilight series because of her performance here, but I will be more open to watching her upcoming movies.

I really liked the darkness of this movie. I liked how they transformed this children's story to this sick twisted adaptation, a more interesting and bold take on a well-known story. I liked the concept behind it. It's new and it's not about the pretty side of this story. It took the darker route and I greatly appreciated the concept behind it. It gave a new spin to our beloved Snow White.

I also liked that the romance portion of the movie was not overdone. It was just right, nothing too much. It was the perfect amount of romance for a movie. I actually liked that aspect of the movie, exploring the possible would-have-beens of Snow White and the huntsman. It's very interesting to see that aspect.

The ending was just a bit anti-climactic. There was a huge build-up to the face off of the evil queen and Snow White, and I did expect a lot more action than what they did. I remember thinking "That's it?" when the fight ended. It was really a bit underwhelming. It's probably just a matter of preference to anticipate a huge battle scene between the two. I guess I just expected a little more. However, the ending was still a decent way to end the quest for their freedom .

I found it a pretty cool movie to watch mostly because of the idea behind it. The execution didn't falter either which made the movie work for me for the most part. There were some off moments, but as a whole it really was a good movie. The portrayal of Charlize Theron of the evil queen is a whole lot of reason to watch this movie. It was freaky and disgusting. It was wretched that you just recognize the awesomeness of her capacity as an actress. Also, it's a twisted Snow White story, and it was interesting to see the development. I guess, the movie had its own merits, but also had a few flaws, so it will be up to the viewers to decide what their take on this film will be. Personally I think the good bits outweigh the not-so-good bits so it was worth it for me.

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