June 27, 2012

The Whole Nine Yards

The Whole Nine Yards was a 2000 comedy movie starring Matthew Perry as Oz and Bruce Willis as Jimmy. It also featured Amanda Peet, Natasha Henstridge and Michael Clarke Duncan. The screenplay was written by Mitchell Kapner and the movie was directed by Jonathan Lynn. It was a huge commercial success earning more than 106 million dollars. Surfing the net, I found out that this was the only movie to perform well among all the movies released by Franchise Pictures.

The story was about a dentist, Oz Oseransky, finding out that his new neighbor, Jimmy, was a known contract killer who's hiding after ratting out his former bosses. Things got complicated when Oz's wife asked Oz to go to Jimmy's former bosses to inform them of Jimmy's whereabouts in exchange for money. However, the real reason behind his wife's request/orders was to send Oz on a suicide mission that would only get him killed. Pretty intense plot, isn't it? It was a very complex, adventurous screenplay and I liked it a lot. Actually, it probably wasn't as complicated as I made it sound. But you'll get the idea. I actually liked the story of the movie, it's dangerous and hilarious at the same time. I also liked how the twists of the movie were revealed, especially one concerning Jill, Amanda Peet's character. That was unexpected.

The movie had some really great comedic moments, much thanks to Matthew Perry being, well, Matthew Perry. Matthew Perry is one of the best comedic actors to ever hit the film industry. From his exaggerations, to his perfect timing, to his perfect way of delivering his lines, he is always on the point. I'm sure we all remember him as Chandler in the television series FRIENDS. In fact, he was my favorite character in the series along with Joey, played by Matt LeBlanc. The movie was released in 2000, so it's not surprising to see a little bit of Chandler in Oz. But they're both hilarious it's just a bonus to identify these two together. But his portrayal of Oz was just as, dare I say, adorable. He was witty, and his exaggerations worked very well with this character.

I'm also glad Bruce Willis was still a kickass, gun-holding killer in the movie. At first I was thinking how the movie would be like with Bruce Willis acting funny, or being funny. I was surprised, but also delighted about how his character turned out. I'm not saying he wasn't funny, because he was. His humor though was on the sarcastic, sort of threatening side, which I also enjoyed. But I still would prefer a badass Bruce Willis any time.

I guess there's a reason why this movie was the only commercially successful film Franchise Pictures had; that reason being the movie was witty, hilarious, dangerous, and charming. It had all the funny bits in it and it also had intensity in it. And towards the end, a pinch of romance. The Whole Nine Yards was a very relaxing movie, and a very funny one as well.

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