June 11, 2012

My Mom's New Boyfriend

My Mom's New Boyfriend, also known as Homeland Security or My Spy in other countries was a 2009 movie starring Antonio Banderas, Meg Ryan, Colin Hanks, and Selma Blair. I wanted to watch a light, laid-back movie after watching several big, heavy movies so I went with this one. I'd say I made a good choice.

It's tagged as a romantic comedy but after watching it I think it's more of a comedy action movie. Comedy because the movie was mad funny. I actually didn't expect it to be all that funny but right from the beginning I was already laughing. Some of the lines in the movie were just too hilarious. Action because it had a heist element in it, and the characters in the movie were involved with the federal offices. It actually revolved around the heist so it had this action element to it.

I actually quite enjoyed this movie. It's not something I would normally watch, but it was entertaining and I'm glad I saw it. It's not at the level of Hangover funny, and not at a level of James Bond action, but the combination they did worked out just fine. I had my doubts with the movie, especially since it was tagged as a rom-com. I expected an extremely cheesy, corny movie, but the movie was nothing like that. Actually the label of it being a rom-com is a little bit misleading, I think. Or if it really was a rom-com, it's not the typical rom-com. Well, I wouldn't really be sure, I've only seen a few movies in that genre.

It was really weird seeing Meg Ryan in that kind of role. It's nothing like her previous roles and she was the best element of the show. She was crazy weird, in the best way possible, and hilariously appealing. She's just one versatile actress. I wish they kept her character that way though, but I guess she had to turn into a vulnerable woman for the romance aspect of the movie to work. This is the most laid back character of Colin Hanks out of all his movies that I've seen. Considering he's a federal agent, his character was very light, sarcastic at times, but pretty laid back. The relationship his character had with Meg Ryan's character is the core of all things funny in this movie. Antonio Banderas also gave a fine performance and his character caused some surprises even I didn't expect. I wish Selma Blair was allowed to do more things thought. I felt like her potential in the movie could have been maximized more, but she did well for what she was given. But yeah, I definitely wanted to see more from her.

Overall, I enjoyed watching the movie. It only received a limited release but I wish people bought the DVD and saw it. It was a lot better than I expected, considering all my doubts in the movie. If you find a copy of it, go watch it. It's pretty good. It was a light, laid back enjoyable movie.

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