June 11, 2012

V For Vendetta

This movie had a very different appeal starting with its main character: a twisted, emotionally scarred victim of violence and inhumane activities. The supposedly hero went through a phase of pure suffering which led to anger and a desire for revenge. It's not the typical saving the world hero using powers. It was more of liberating a nation suppressed by an atrocious government.It's a hero formed by the experiences he went through and his thirst to get back to those who wronged him. In the process, he united the people to ensure real democracy.

The movie had a strong powerful message. It was a whole social commentary to some of things wrong in our society. It talks about how people who are different are ostracized for being different. It also tackled just how dirty politics could get. It's a depiction of the horrors of having a totalitarian society, however some of things seen could easily be associated with other forms of government. It had heavy subjects which they tackled with sensitivity, relaying a message that people often take for granted. I particularly appreciated how they handled these issues, combining it with a dark hero or villain, depending on your perspective.

There were also the issues of freedom of speech and political activism, the main issues of the government. We always hear horrendous stories how people are killed or tortured for being against the government, and sad to say, that does happen. That's I think what the movie demonstrated, the insanity behind kidnapping activists just to silence them and their efforts. However, in this movie, they weren't silenced as people either pursued what they started, or sought revenge.

It's a movie about transformations, personally, socially, or nationally. It transformed a man to a creature of vengeance, a man who would go all the way to kill the people who hurt him. There's also a transformation of people in terms of beliefs, how people's perspectives change in the face of new information and evidences. It's a story of a nation who fought for their freedom after a long time of beings slaves to their government. It's a political movie more than anything else I think, politics in all levels.

Plus, the cast! These talented actors took on the challenge and delivered strong performances. They were all  invested in each of their portrayals and they captured the essence of their characters. Natalie Portman's Evey was delightful to watch just because her persona as Evey was believable in everything she did. Hugo Weaving's V was also outstanding. He still managed to shine and exude emotions with that mask on his face. Stephen Rea and Stephen Fry were the best supporting characters. They just had what the characters they were playing needed.

Given all these dimensions, I thoroughly enjoyed watching V for Vendetta. It's a highly intelligent movie dissecting different aspects of society. The quality of the movie was superb and the idea behind it is extraordinary. Part of what impressed me was the collection of social commentaries that is up-to-date to what the world is currently witnessing. The cast did justice to the vision of the movie, and that's all we can ask for.

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