June 21, 2012

How To Train Your Dragon

I know I'm late with this, but I just saw the movie. Forgive me movie masters. To be honest, I probably would have watched the movie a lot later if it hadn't been for a couple of friends who strongly recommended the movie. I did plan on seeing it, but there was no sense of urgency before my friends chastised me for not seeing this movie. Apparently it's considered one of the greatest films, making it to the IMDB Top 250 films of all time. After watching it, I finally got what the buzz was all about. The film was breathtaking!

The best thing about the movie was how it managed to sustain the humor, the smarts, the excitement. It started really strong for me. I was feeling a little sleepy and tired when I turned it on, but literally seconds into the movie, I was already feeling wide awake and lively. The movie had that effect on me since right from the get go it was already funny and entertaining. The lines were witty, the visuals were stunning, the voice actors were in it to impress. It established itself in that short time frame and I immediately got hooked. Probably one of the strongest starts for an animated movie, or any movie in general, at least in my opinion.

I'd like to put emphasis on how amazing the visuals were. First of all, I liked how the characters were created. It screamed Dreamworks! Second, I also liked the variation in the appearances of the dragons. It had diversity and I felt like the filmmakers exhausted all the possible ideas to create a wide range of dragons. Third, I was very impressed by the visual effects. Because I am a very visual person, I greatly appreciate strong visuals and intrinsic effects. Everything that had to do with effects was spot on, right on the money.

The movie had also clear and powerful messages. That it's ok to be different, and being different does not mean being inferior to others. That being different can actually be a good thing and something to be proud of.  That appearances don't mean everything, and we can never judge something or someone simply by the way they look. That there's always something more substantive beneath one's skin. That however dysfunctional a family may be, family will still be there when you're in need. I can go on and on with this list. The bottomline is it teaches a lot of values to children and even adults. It made sure to deliver lessons children can learn from, as most children's movies do.

The ending sequence of the movie was stellar! One of the better ones in recent history, I think. It was action-packed, but it also maintained its humor. I felt a little bad at the ending though, but I guess it was just trying to show that disabilities can never be seen as hindrances. However, I definitely enjoyed watching it. It's probably one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

The movie was too cute and that's saying a lot cause I almost never uses the word cute, but it really was. It's a definite must see movie. Everything about it worked, from the story to the visuals, to the funny lines. It also helped that they gathered some of the most talented people to voice the characters. It was such a great pleasure to watch and a perfect way to end a long day.

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  1. I am glad you really liked this film, personaly i loved it. I can hardly wait for the sequel of this possible trilogy.