June 22, 2012


Salt was a 2010 action spy movie starring Angelina Jolie as CIA agent accused of being a double agent for the agency's enemies. Along with Jolie, Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Daniel Olbrychki, August Diehl also starred in the movie. It was written by Kurt Wimmer and directed by Phillip Noyce. The movie did well in the box-office earning almost 294 million dollars worldwide, which made me very happy because I thought the movie was really good.

To be honest, the plot was generic for a spy movie. Salt was an agent on the run and some of the ideas the movie had have been done before. The way they did it was excellent though. Also, although the movie had a generic/formulaic/predictable plot, it still had different layers with it. One thing that stood out the most was Salt's relationship. It wasnt so much about the romance between them as it was about the fire and the drive that Michael Krause (Diehl) was giving Salt. The passion between them was so intense that it somehow made me think the movie was taking me to a whole new experience. The drama that ensued following the events that happened, concerning their relationship, was heavy and amazing to witness.

I've always believed that Angelina Jolie is the one actress that can play these kind of roles, well before I saw Columbina with Zoe Saldana. Still, I think she will be the go to actress of every studio for ass-kicking, people-killing spy roles. Not only is she good at it, she's also very believable when she does it. So needless to say, Angelina Jolie was absolutely amazing in this. She had power, strength, stealth, and everything else any spy would need. I also liked that Liev Schreiber, was just as intense and conniving. The dynamics of their characters create fire, to put it in a figurative context. It's so strong but it was still vulnerable and fragile.

The action sequences were absolutely thrilling. The scenes were dangerous, to sum it up in one word. Dangerous that it made me too invested in the movie, feeling the intensity of every single moment. The explosions, the fighting, the shooting, everything was well choreographed that it was such a pleasure to see how it would unfold. The people behind it also took a creative approach on how to make this action flick have that much action.

I was very disappointed when I read that Jolie turned down the script for Salt 2. Who wouldn't want to see Jolie as Salt again? She's perfect for it. The character was firm and Jolie commands that kind of thing. I'm still hoping that Salt 2 would happen, mostly because Jolie and action movies seem to mash up really well. Turning down a script doesn't mean letting go of a project, right? maybe the writers would be able to create something that would make Jolie jump back on board. Salt was really good, and it would be a shame if we've already seen the last of the sly, badass spy.

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