June 30, 2012

P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You was a 2007 drama film (and I would insist comedy) directed by Richard LaGravanese. It was based on the novel written by Cecilia Ahern, and was transformed into a screenplay by Steven Rogers and the director himself. It starred Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Kathy Bates, Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon, James Marsters, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Nellie McKay and Harry Connick Jr.

I thought this was a comedy movie. It's probably sounds dumb but I really did, and it wasn't until midway through the movie that I realized it wasn't. The first half of the movie was really funny. Yeah, someone died, and the movie did tackle losses. But at the same time, the things that happened before and after were actually pretty comedic. The dialpgues were funny, the "tasks" were funny, " the situations were funny. Plus, Lisa Kudrow was there! How can anyone not think it's a comedy when Lisa Kudrow's being Lisa Kudrow? But yeah, the movie was actually hilarious, at least the first half of it.

After the first hour, it became dramatic. The reality of the loss started settling in, meeting new people who could potentially be significant suddenly became a possibility. It was transformed into a whole new movie and it became heavy fast. I still enjoyed that part of the movie though. It was like an exploration of some sorts. There were still some light portions but the rest of it was serious business. Hilary Swank gave a moving performance that showcased the real pain of losing someone she loved. Kathy Bates was another actress that was really brilliant in the movie. She made a huge part of this movie by letting the caliber of her talent show.

The idea behind the story was interesting and I would like to know where Cecilia Ahern got the idea. It's not the most original plot but it was still different. It's like an adventure movie, except instead of looking for hidden treasures or fighting dragons, it's innately realistic. The development of the story was also wise, and the ending was a perfect culmination of the whole movie. It kept its pace to reach the end,and it was worthwhile when they did.

I would say that I understand one of the comments I read how this movie was not made for critics. I believe that as well. I thought it was made for normal people who go to the movies. I thought they never thought about how the critical people would respond to it, and instead thought of what the vast majority would like. Then they created this dramatic, comedic, depressing yet uplifting movie.

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