June 13, 2012


Apparently this movie was released April 2012 in the United States, but it was only released here today. I have been waiting for the movie since I saw the trailer a couple of weeks back. I think I was about to watch Safe (starring Jason Statham - wrote a review of it a while back) when I saw the trailer and thought it would be good. I was right, I found it to be great movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, right from the start until the credits started rolling. The combination of the sci-fi aspect of it, and the action part of it was amazing to witness. It wasn't forced and it just flowed naturally. Add the brilliantly written script by Luc Besson, Stephen St. Leger, and James Mather, and we have one of my favorite movies of 2012. We're just midway of 2012, and a lot of amazing films are lined up to be released this year, but I'm sure Lockout will be one of my favorites this year. It was that good in my opinion and I was thoroughly entertained. I actually wished it was just a bit longer because I was having such a blast watching the movie. I'm not saying it's the best movie out there, but I just really liked it.

The story was a bit intense: a big escape from all the sociopaths locked up in a space prison. It didn't feel too heavy though since I was constantly laughing. I've been watching a lot of comedy movies lately, as you might have noticed from my latest posts, but this movie made me laugh even harder and much louder. This movie was just extremely hilarious at all the wrong places, which made it even funnier. Guy Pearce was just brilliant at delivering those lines with just the right amount of sarcasm and mockery. It made me wonder how he could keep a straight face saying those things. It's pretty amazing!

I was wondering why Maggie Grace looked so familiar, then I realized she was Kim from Taken, a movie I absolutely enjoyed, and actually one of my favorite movies. I liked her before, and I like her even more now. She's just the perfect partner to Pearce's flawless performance. The connection the two had in this movie was phenomenal, and it allowed all those snarky comments be funnier. The exchange of their dialogues was just epic, to use the term loosely.

I really had a great time watching this movie. I was laughing from the beginning cause it really was a funny movie. I am now a Guy Pearce fan, and I'm looking forward to watch his other movies. He portrayed the sarcastic, Tony Stark-like character and owned it. He was absolutely brilliant and the people in the cinema clearly enjoyed watching him. People responded very well to his humor and his kick ass fighting skills.

I probably am setting it up to be this big comedy film, but it was not. It's a sci-fi action movie and the development of the story stuck to it being a sci-fi action movie. It retained its core throughout the movie and stayed loyal to the idea and concept. The magnitude of some of the fight scenes were actually immensely engaging that I just held by breath to see how it will go. Joseph Gilgun and Vincent Regan brought authenticity to the danger of being stuck in a prison with 500 criminals. The whole characterization, and the way they acted it out were horrific and disturbing. More so for Gilgun's character. However, I just recognize that despite it being a sci-fi action movie, the filmmakers found a way to mix humor in it. To be honest, it made the movie a lot more enjoyable.

I don't know what's up with the people who didn't like it. If we're talking about entertainment value, this movie had loads of it. It didn't get the best reviews from critics and I firmly believe it's just one of those overly criticizing a good movie. The people in the theater had a very positive reaction, laughing at the hilarity of Pearce's character and his interaction with Grace's character, and rooting for them to get out of the prison safe. By that, I mean I can actually hear people cheer for Pearce and Grace to get out of the prison in time. I really recommend this movie despite what the critics have said. I enjoyed it and maybe you'll enjoy it as well.

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