June 10, 2012

Red Eye

I did not know what to expect when I decided to watch this movie. I've never heard of it until I saw it on Wikipedia. I probably would have just ignored it or read along but when I clicked on it, I became very interested. To start off, Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy starred in it. Brian Cox was also part of the cast, and I've watched several of his films and I just admire the caliber of his acting. Jayma Mays was also part of it and it's hilarious that her character here had a some sort of resemblance to the character she currently plays in the television show Glee. However, the most interesting part for me was the supporting role of Colby Donaldson, probably most known for competing in the television show Survivor three times. He also hosts Top Guns now so you may be familiar with him. As a huge Colby fan who rooted for him in all three seasons he competed in survivor, I immediately wanted to watch the movie.

I did my research before watching the movie and I found out that the movie was successful, critically and commercially. I then knew I was in for a treat. I knew it was going to be a good movie and after seeing it I can now confirm it. What I liked about it was how it brought me back a few years earlier. It was released in 2005 but it's already quite different from the movies we have. For starters, the phones they were using weren't iPhones or Blackberrys (feels weird typing Blackberrys but I suppose Blackberries would be totally different now). More than that, it's the whole vibe of it, the musical score, the cinematography, it resembles a different era, I felt. It was a good reminder of how movies were just a few years ago.

The performances of the cast sent chills through my whole body. Rachel McAdams portrayed anxiety, desperation, anger, helplessness, anger, but she did it in a very calm, believable manner. She was frantic without necessarily shouting. She just had this balance that allowed the audience to empathize with her. Cillian Murphy was one creepy disgusting killer and the way he portrayed it, and voiced it was just frightening. Hell, I would run the other way if that person just stared at me. he was freaky which is exactly what the character entailed.

The supporting characters did just well. Brian Cox's body of work never ceases to amaze me. He managed to be another person yet again. Now I look forward to watching his other films simply because he is one amazing actor. It feels like watching him do his thing should be considered a privilege. Jayma Mays was perfect for the role of Cynthia. Jittery but collected. She actually brought a sense of lightness in this thriller. Let me just include this here, I wonder if Colby would continue acting. Judging his performance in this movie, I could envision him in badass roles, like Jason Statham type of roles. Maybe I'm just biased cause I'm a huge Donaldson fan.

The story was simple but well-executed. Given the premise, I could see why it was such a short movie. It flowed well though and although it moved at a slow pace, the movie never got boring. It took its time, and utilized the plane as a location. The passengers on it even played roles even if they really weren't part of it. The kid, Rebecca, would be my favorite among the passengers cause she's one smart kid.

This thriller wasn't the horror type of thriller. It was more of a what's-gonna-happen next/action thriller. It had excitement, suspense and passion. It was creative as well in terms of finding ways to let the people know of the danger that Murphy's character could cause. I really liked it, a lot more than I thought I would. Maybe it's because I didn't go through it with any expectations, and the film just  gave me a great movie experience.

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