June 02, 2012

The Social Network

The film used the tagline "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemis." I think that tagline perfectly encapsulates what the movie was about. For those who don't know, The Social network was a 2010 movie about the creation of one of the leading websites in the world today, Facebook, and the whole fiasco behind it. It was directed by David Fincher, who directed Fight Club as well http://mrfilmreviewer.blogspot.com/2012/05/fight-club.html) and starred Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfiled, Justin Timberlake, Rooney Mara, Brenda Song, and a lot more talented actors.

In my opinion the movie depicts tragedy more than anything. Looking at how things turned out, it's a series of dark and twisted betrayals and conflicts. We all can't deny the fact that Facebook is a successful business, but its road to victory was stained with a lot of troubles. Relationships were broken, people were put in difficult situations. The desire for success consumed these people. They did a great job capturing those moments though and translating it to a screenplay. I thought it was brilliant and very well-written.

The story was a little complicated for me because at one end I didn't want to get too involved, but at the same time the movie begged me to feel involved. I was excited when things were looking up for the geniuses, disturbed by how Eduardo Saverin was thrown under the bus, irked at how Sean Parker handled the situation, and more. I felt a lot of emotions watching the movie, some of them not as good as the others. But I think that's wonderful because it indicates the fine job the creators of the movie did. It was provoking all sorts of feelings, allowing the viewers an inside look to one of the world's largest networks.

It was basically a legal drama and I enjoyed that aspect of it. At the beginning of the movie I thought it would be a simple narration of events. However, it suddenly revolved around the lawsuits filed against Mark Zuckerberg, and the events were shown in the form of flashbacks. I always find it creative when the story of a movie is not shown in chronological order so it was a plus for me.

It's an interesting movie in its own chaotic and twisted way. I really had a great time witnessing how Facebook rose to where it is now, the events that led to its success. I'm guessing some of the things were added, deducted, or slightly altered for cinematic effects. But I don't think it changed the movie as a whole. It was an amazingly crafted movie and it was intriguing. It lets you get involved in their world. This movie received a lot of positive acclaim and that's because it really was a good movie. Although I think Andre Garfield should have been nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in the movie. I guess getting a Golden Glove nomination is not bad at all. The whole cast did a phenomenal job in portraying their characters.

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