June 24, 2012

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

I was a huge, huge fan of the first movie and I constantly anticipated the release of the sequel. I've been reading and researching about it the moment it was confirmed that there would be a sequel. Simply stated, I was beyond ecstatic about this movie. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch it in the theaters due to a lot of factors, school being the most dominant one. I knew it would be a long wait for the DVD but I also knew it would still be worth it. Finally, I have seen it, and it was perfect.

What I absolutely liked about the movie was the thickness of the plot. There were different elements, and each scene served to enrich other scenes as well. A lot of things were happening in a span of a couple of minutes, but nothing seemed rushed. It was moving at its regular pace, but the volume of things happening was really wide that there were a lot of things to see. I liked that about this movie and its predecessor. Sometimes I felt like I had seen 10 minutes of the movie, but in reality, i had only been 4 or 5 minutes. There was constant action in it, and more than satisfying action, might I add.

It was also apparent that the movie had a big production budget, evident by the sets, the locations, and even the props. Everything seemed meticulously crafted for a specific purpose. It had a budget of 125 million and it was great to see that they had put the money to good use. They probably knew that investing that amount of money would be a good way to attract movie goers and earn much more. Considering they made more than 54 million, I'd say they made a wise choice.

I found the first one more detective-y (I know that's not a word but that's how I thought I'd put it), more smart when it came to crime/mystery solving, but I thought the second one had more action and more entertaining. In the first one, they focused on the intellectual side of things, figuring things out and trying to solve the mystery. In the second one, it was more about the action to be taken upon solving the mystery. I guess they wanted another approach to make the sequel still distinct from the first one. Plus seeing Robert Downey Jr in that awfully ridiculous "disguise" in the train scene, was probably one of the movie moments of 2011 (2012 for me).

I was also glad to see that they kept the charm of the first movie. It still had the hilarious quips and the personality of the lead characters. It was also nice to see Rachel McAdams come back for the sequel though her part was small. Still good though. Noomi Rapace and Stephen Fry were excellent additions to the cast. Stephen Fry is a genius! The sequel was a good continuation of the adventures of Holmes and Watson as it stayed true to the essence of the first movie. Action, comedy, drama, everything was perfect. I couldn't help but be in awe of the differnt details of the movie. It was truly magical and absolutely brilliant.

It's been reported that Sherlock Holmes 3 is in the initial stages of development. I am really looking forward to that, and this time nothing will stop me from watching the third installment. I will be sure to be in the cinemas the day they release it, if they do proceed in making it. They're still developing the script, but I already know it will be awesome!

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