June 22, 2012

Monsters Inc.

Monters Inc. was a 2001 animated comedy movie created by Pixar. It starred John Goodman and Billy Crystal as the voice of the two leading characters, James Sullivan and MikeWazowski. Steve Buscemi and James Coburn voiced the main antagonists of the movie. Jennifer Tilly voiced the character of Celia, Mike's love interest.  It was directed by Pete Docter with the help of Lee Unkrich (Director of Toy Story) and David Silverman.

The opening sequence of the movie is probably one of the most creative opening sequences. After watching the entire film, I realized that the opening credits itself summarized the entire movie, or at least provided a brief summary of what the movie's about. I also really enjoyed the closing credits. In fact, I probably enjoyed it more just as much as the entire movie. I liked how they tried to make a legitimate behind-the-scenes using the characters as actors. It was creative, and I don;t think I've seen anything like it before. I also liked how they continued to stage the play mentioned in the movie itself. I think more than these BTS or plays, it's the fact that the movie was very cohesive that impressed me the most. Every single detail coincided with the rest of the movie. That, for me, is a very clear sign of good filmmaking.

The film itself was also enjoyable to watch. I couldn't help but compare it to How to Train Your Dragon (http://mrfilmreviewer.blogspot.com/2012/06/how-to-train-your-dragon.html) since I also just saw the movie (thanks to a friend recommending it). In terms of visuals, I think How to Train Your Dragon won. However, in terms of story, I think Monsters Inc. had a stronger plot and script. Both movies were great, but they also had their own strengths, at least in my perspective. Monsters Inc. didn't have the amazing effects of How to Train Your Dragon (though they really didn't need it) but it had the same quality of humor and enjoyment. It's humor was a little different but still funny nonetheless.

What I like about children's movies is how they manage to state a simple value or lesson and convey it such a creative manner. I think it's a prerequisite for a children's movie to make sure that the message being imparted is suitable and something that will actually allow children to recognize the importance of certain values. It's simple but it does the job. This movie had lots of lessons to be learned, and that's a very good thing.

I just found out that they are making a prequel, Monsters University, to be released next year. I'm glad the stars of the movie will return to reprise their roles, and I can only imagine how hilarious this prequel is going to be. The monsters stuck in school will provide more windows for these monsters to create chaos. Monsters Inc. was really good, but I feel like Monsters University will even be better.

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